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Our Independent Financial Advisors work closely realty firms when it comes to your real estate needs. Buying a piece of property in Singapore requires a huge capital outlay that is often a long-term commitment. Get independent financial advise first!

How Are We Different From Real Estate Agents?

For years, the phrase "Caveat emptor!" was popular in real estate. Latin for "Let the buyer beware!", it was meant to forewarn buyers that responsibility for making a satisfactory purchase rested in their hands. The usual considerations are locations, structure and the physical condition of the property.

What about indept financial issues? They are usually ignored due to the lack of financial planning skills and knowledge.

Many property agents would gladly encourage one to buy a property as expensive as possible. The higher the price, the more the commissions will be paid. Is that right? Well, remember the phrase "Caveat emptor!".

Besides, a typical real estate agent is not a financial advisor. There will be no indept advise on important financial planning issues like asset allocation planning, that is MOST CRUCIAL when investing. If bad decisions are made, the drastics effects will usually surface a few years later. One has nobody to blame then but himself for not getting professional advise.

Fortunately, our IFAs are here to advise from the financial planning point of view. Going through a financial exercise with us will help you consider many important points that other common folks are unaware ignorant. We will help you make the right decisions and make a brighter financial future for your family and yourself.

As a value add service, we are able to help with the following:

  • Choosing a suitable bank loan (offshore and local)
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Mortgage Insurance

Call us today and and get advise from an IFA and Real Estate advisor (CEHA certified) before "signing on the dotted line".