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Investment Planning

There are so many investment instruments to choose from and where should you start? How should you invest? At Frontier Wealth Management, we can help with you.

We would like to emphasize that we help clients achieve higher returns with lower risk. With more than 350 investments tools like unit trusts, alternative investments and insurance linked products, we constantly explore new efficient frontiers to optimize our clients assets.

Portfolio Construction and Management is what we are proud with. For busy investors, our service is most ideal as we advise you on what, why and when to buy & sell investments to help you achieve your goals. In brief, watch us grow your money with a peace of mind.

Our service is highly personalized and we pay close attention to asset allocation strategies. It is all about diversifying your investments into different asset classes. Studies had been made to show that proper asset allocation reduces investment risks and increase you returns. What is the ideal allocation? It depends very much on your risk appetite and tolerance level.

Start an investment/savings plan with us today. You should be making money through saving consistently over the long-term and taking advantage of the 'power of compounding interest and time' and see your investments appreciate!

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Importance Of Saving Early

Many folks have advised us, especially the younger ones, to start save early. Every single coin, no matter how much it is worth counts as it would make us richer in the future. How come? What is it that really makes this simple advice work? Well, it is the wonderful 'Power Of Compounding Interest & Time'.

Let us assume that you start saving $2500 a year at 2% return p.a., At the end of 30 years (Blue Bar), you will get $124,138. However, if you chose an investment vehicle, which offers a potential 12% p.a., your return increases to $810,878. What a difference! This simple example shows us the importance of getting a higher rate of return and its compounding effect. Many of our goals can be more easily reached.

However, if only you had started saving 10 years earlier, which make the total term to 40 years, there is a even greater difference. At 12% returns p.a., your returns is are now at $2,577,427 instead of just $810,878! No gimmicks but just plain old mathematics!

Our Investment Funds

Frontier Wealth Management Pte Ltd currently offers more than 350 funds to suit our clients range of needs. Our funds will enable you to invest in different continents all over the world to tap on different opportunities. Our financial consultants will go through a financial planning process with you to help establish your goals, better understand your financial background and then construct a portfolio based on your needs.

We are VERY different because our portfolio are actively managed, absolute-return based with a strong emphasize on capital preservation. Our multi-asset, multi-manager and multi-strategy investment structures enables us to provide clients excellent results.

Types Of Investment Funds

  1. Unit Trusts - Money Market, Bonds and Equity Funds
  2. Hedge Funds - "Funds of Funds" and capital guaranteed hedged funds available
  3. Other Alternative Investment Funds - LIfe & Viatical Settlements & Traded Endowments (Through IWA Pte Ltd)
  4. Life Insurance Products - Insurance Bonds, Endowments, ILPs etc./li>