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Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is one of the most important areas of financial planning and should be placed before investments. In fact, insurance is one of the best financial instruments created by man. You cannot totally eradicate risk but can transfer the drastic consequences to insurance companies. We cannot simply choose to make money, expect to lead a comfortable life and yet not worry about unforseeable events that can disable us. Why work so hard to create wealth and fail to protect it? Losing the ability to work and having to see our loved ones and friends suffer because of our disability or illness is bad enough. We should not suffer further by having a financial downfall. That is when insurance comes in.

What can Frontier Wealth Management do for You?

As we are an exempt insurance broker, we are able to place your business with numerous insurance companies with over 500 products and 100 funds. Being one of the top performers, a Certified Financial Planner with a diploma in life insurance will help tailormake a comprehensive program suitable to your needs.


1) A single insurance company usually cannot address all your needs with their limited product range with suitable features at a competitive price. You will be surprised to see the differences.

2) Risk of an insurance company rejecting your claim under certain 'grey-areas' or on the fault of your own is real. Having more than one insurer will lessen such risk and payments on compassionate grounds by one company may encourage the others to follow to win public approval.

3) Under Section 63 of the Insurance Act (Chapter 142), $150,000 is the prescribed amount of life and personal accident policy moneys which may be paid without probate or letters of administration or without having been included in a schedule or certificate under section 44 (2) of the Estate Duty Act (Cap. 96). The balance of the claim proceeds will only be payable upon production of the letter of probate or administration, or the certificate of estate duty clearance.

Therefore, if you have a $600,000 claim with one insurance company, good luck for the balance of $450,000. However, if you were to place your business with 4 insurance companies ($150K to each insurer), you get to claim all at one go! What a difference!

4) If a particular company does not do well in their investments, the bonus rate declared may not be as much as other companies. Therefore, placing your business with more than one company lowers your investment risk. This is true especially with investment linked funds where, practically all your profitability relies on the performance of one fund manager.

Insurance For the Single

All the years you have survived, how much have your parents financially sacrificed for your food, medical bills, personal expenses, education and even unnecessary material greed? Remember, if you die, whom are your parents going to depend on? Aren't you at least going to pay some money back to them? Frankly, speaking, death is the easiest way out. However, if you were to suffer from critical illness or become totally and permanently disabled, you would not even be able to reach out for the nearest window to jump from. Your parent's hard-earned retirement fund will be depleted or halved. Your siblings' plan to study or get married may be jeopardized. Do they deserve such consequences? How are you going to answer to them? Even a small accident can cause you to deplete the savings account that you have been trying to save for to buy a car.

For The Married With Children

You are concerned about you spouse and children especially if you are the main breadwinner. In the event of any unfortunate circumstances,you need to be responsible for their shelter, food and education. Lessen your spouse's financial burden.

For The Retirees

Imagine working so hard over the years to have built a wonderful retirement nest. Now imagine your spouse or yourself falling ill. There goes your money... You still need to protect your retirement fund!

For The Rich

With the plentiful wealth that you have, insurance cost should then be very affordable. Moreover, you still need to protect your hard earned cash and also make use of insurance to pay off your estate duty taxes.