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What is Estate Planning?

An estate plan carefully constructed list of how you want your assets to be owned, managed and preserved during your lifetime and how you want them disposed of upon your death. Your Estate Planner will design it to incur the least possible taxes and other costs.

Creation Of An Estate Plan

To create an Estate plan, your assets and their ownership (property, securities, business interests, life insurance, retirement plan benefits and other property) have to be carefully analysed and a decision has to be made about whether you should create a lifetime trust or a trust in your will. These trusts are legal methods available to minimize various taxes and the costs of administering your estate upon your death.

Estate Planner will discuss wills, trusts, business interests, life insurance, CFP, long-term care, charitable giving, special needs for disabled or elderly, taxes, etc. Many of the subjects discussed will involve legal and tax questions of great importance to you. Decisions should be made with the confidential advice of your planner, aided in many cases by an accountant, trust officer, insurance or investment advisor. Taxes will be at a minimum and that your assets will go to your intended beneficiaries. A well-designed estate plan will see to the welfare of your family and the education of your children.