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Education Planning

Insufficient funds for university education is a very real issue for many parents or even for the students themselves. How can we work towards giving ourselves and our children a peace of mind when it comes to seeing them through their university education?

How To Make Money

At Frontier Wealth Management, professional financial consultants will go step by step with you in creating an education fund for your child. Whatever situation you may be in, it pays to know that you are on the right financial path to your child's success. So, take that step today and make your aspirations for your child a reality! Contact the following financial consultants for an appointment or drop them an e-mail for more information.

If you have already set aside funds, you might still want to ask yourself:

Is the amount sufficient?
Have I used the right financial instrument?
Am I maximising returns given my risk threshold?
Is the money secured & solely for my child's education?

Money Tree


Lump Sum Saving Amount: $50,000 for 10 Years

Interest Rates 2% 5% 9% 15%
Returns $60,950 $81,445 $118.368 $202,278

Lump Sum Saving Amount: $50,000 for 15 Years

Interest Rates 2% 5% 9% 15%
Returns $67,293 $103,946 $182,124 $406,853

Frontier Wealth Services

Our Independent Financial Consultants will take care of your financial portfolio at a highly integral and personal level. They will tailor advise to your unique financial circumstance and needs. Our consultants perform yearly reviews to ensure you are on the right track to meet your financial goals.

We have over 200 financial instruments and 35 managed funds to help grow your money!