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Frontier Wealth Manangement is currently looking for suitable candidates to fill these positions:

Associate Director

We are looking for an experienced advisor to manage a team of advisors. All Associate Directors are treated as partners of the firm and will be given much flexibility and support to work independently. Our company recognises and respects different management styles to nature a creative corporate culture.

Senior Wealth Manager

If you are an experienced advisor who wishes to maintain the freedom of working independently, we are able to support you with a wide range of financial instruments, client relationship management software, financial planning software, fees/or commission tracking & projection, joint seminars, newsletters and much more.

Wealth Manager

If you are new to this business, we are able to help you get started with the help of not one but many experience advisors. Your mentors will impart their academic knowledge and practical skills they possess, to build you a strong foundation for a successful career with us.

Successful candidates will work closly with our most successful and experienced mentors and IFAs who are ever-ready to share. Successful candidates will be guided through the right training and academic courses, receive TRADE SECRETS of the business for a stable and long lasting career.

Frontier Wealth Management has a very strict selection process and the criterias are:
  • Mininum A Levels and Diploma
  • Good communication skills or the "X-Factor"
  • Presentable image
  • Positive attitute
  • People loving
  • Work experience important unless candidate shows maturity and good CCA records.

Successful applicants will be brought into our proven mentorship program with our most successful & experienced IFAs.

Call our CEO directly at +65 6238 0080/ +65 978 60767 or email your resume to