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Our Profession

Established since 1996, Frontier Wealth Management is one of Singapore's pioneer & leading independent financial advisory firms registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, regulated under the Financial Advisors Act (2002). (License No: FA095007-1).

We are a team of INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISORS providing wealth management services to professionals, high net worth individuals, trust, charities and business organizations.

The chief purpose of our work is to help our clients and their families lead prosperous and financial trouble-free lives. We strive to make that happen by ensuring that their personal and financial risks are well managed and wealth-creating opportunities optimized.

Our clients cherish us for our ability to provide unbaised financial advice. This is possible as we represent our clients and are not pressurized by any financial institution for business. Furthermore, our independence allows us access to a wide range of financial instruments from numerous internationally established financial institutions to meet their needs. Being entrepreneurs, the relationship with our clients is highly personalized, informative and long-term.

Our wealth managers will look at the 'BIG PICTURE' and consider how a minor step would affect our clients. Inflation, tax implication, legislation, market trends, capital appreciation and preservation issues are factored into our financial analysis.They will always guide you with a long-term perspective of your interest in mind, to help your reach your goals.

You will discover that our wealth managers are intelligent, innovative and dedicated professionals, who will be by your side for a long time.

Our Vision

We aim to help Singapore become a leading wealth management hub in Asia and improve the lives for people in this part of the world by promoting wise financial management & social responsibility.